A New Place to Call Home

Project Background

A conceptual model is an abstraction of a real-life situation that visualizes the relationship among people, resources, activities, etc. This is a project from a Service Design course at Carnegie Mellon University), relating to models covering spider, process, venn, matrices, maps, and systems.

Design Process

I produced various sketches of at least 10 different situations I wanted to model. Then, I narrowed my drafts down to the topic of the online apartment-hunting process. I drew several designs of conveying this and ended up using a circular process model, reproducing it digitally by using Illustrator.


The model shows the general steps needed to take in finding a place to live via the internet. The ups and downs of the emotional journey that comes with it is visualized by mapping and color-coding each step into a spectrum of positive (green), neutral (yellow), or negative (red) categories.

  • The dashed black flow arrows indicate one-decision flow to the next step.
  • Green arrows indicate a "yes" (positive) decision
  • Yellow arrows express a “maybe” (neutral) decision
  • Red arrows suggest a “no good” (negative) decision