Poster Prints
for ArtPower! and The Loft

Projects Background

ArtPower! and The Loft at the University of California, San Diego are performing arts and music venues that host events for students and the general public. Both are managed by the University Events Office (UEO). Strapping on the role of one of their graphic designers, I am constantly in need to produce original poster prints to market performing artists and events.

Design Process

After I am assigned a performing artist or group of an upcoming event, I conduct research to develop a sense of the performer(s)'s styles and personalities. I envision creative concepts based on my findings and execute them with quick sketches before moving on to illustrating in a digital format. Certain style elements such as typography are constrained by the company template. During the reiterative design process, my supervisor and colleagues critique my design. I meet a certain deadline so that the design can be printed on time and posted around the campus to market the event.


11" x 17" print.